Manergy, Lda is a company specialized in the provision of maintenance and integrated industrial energy services, whose mission is to provide quality services through the creation of competence, value and innovative ideas. Surpassing the needs of customers with optimal levels of efficiency.
Manergy is an important partner in industrial maintenance, both in the national and international markets. It is formed by a team of qualified professionals with intervention skills in the areas of modern industry with constant development and improvement of their

Acting in several areas, such as mechanics, electricity, electromechanics, automation, weldingand integrated technical assistance. We guarantee the flexibility of schedules according to theneeds of our customers, your production need efficiency and that’s our priority


We want to be a reference in the services market, as a strategic partner, in an efficient and integrated way, both locally and globally.


– Proximity

– Competence

– Integrity

– Commitment

– Team

Manuel Cordeiro

Managing Partner

Júlio Costa

Managing Partner

Paulo Renato